Street Fighter: Duel X Devil May Cry coming soon

The popular CAPCOM-authorized RPG game for Android and iOS, Street Fighter: Duel is about to enter a collaboration even with the Devil May Cry franchise. The event will grant players “Special Summon Tickets” and they will be used to unlock the well-known devil hunter, Dante by chance.

About the update

From May 11th to May 24th, players can participate in the thrilling “Devil Invasion” collaboration event. By accomplishing a range of diverse tasks, they have the opportunity to earn “Demon Soulstone.” These valuable stones can be exchanged for rewards at Nico’s store, including the highly coveted “Strongest Demon Hunter” avatar frame. Moreover, players can delve into the “Agency” and tackle various missions to obtain treasure box rewards. As they progress through tasks and advance to higher levels, players unlock even more valuable and exciting rewards.

Street Fighter: Duel X Devil May Cry Trailer

Players have the opportunity to acquire “Demon Stars” both by engaging in activities within the “Agency” and by embarking on exploration quests. Furthermore, Nico possesses a remarkable device capable of converting these demon stars into module materials at regular intervals. Upgrading their modules with these materials enables players to enhance their power and capabilities.

Throughout the event, participants will have access to individual and guild leaderboards. At the conclusion of each challenge, players will be rewarded based on their rankings, granting them additional incentives.


Although the update is scheduled for May 11th, you can download the game now, so you don’t miss any undocumented rewards. Street Fighter: Duel is free to play with in-app purchases.

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