Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy released on Android

The french developers from Microïds keep expanding their old-new portfolio by porting even more of their old hits from over a decade ago. This time, they announced the release of Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy, a first person adventure game designed by Benoît Sokal, the comic artist also responsible for Syberia and Syberia 2.


The game follows the story of Alexandre Valembois, a young explorer who explored the Amerzone region in 1932. As he earns the trust of the local natives, he gets invited to attend a strange ritual where they presented a giant white-bird egg of a species that was believed to be extinct. Wanting to prove the opposite, he decides to steal the egg and bring it home, but sadly, no one believes the story about his journey in the Amerzone. About 60 years later, the Amerzone remains vastly unexplored and closed-off to outsiders. Alexandre Valembois, now an old and tired man, lives in a lighthouse alone with his toughs, regretting the decision he made to betray the Amerzone natives. One day a young reporter shows at his doorstep interested to investigate Alexandre’s journey and revel the truth.

Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy was originally released in 1999 for both Windows PC’s and Playstation (PSX) consoles. This port, according to the developer, is not a copycat portage of the PC version. Instead, it features numerous adaptations and mobile optimizations to make your experience with the game even better. The solid storyline is accompanied by 360 degree vision technology, beautiful scenes and plenty of puzzles waiting to be solved. If you feel like (re)exploring the Amerzone, or maybe even bring back to life the extinct species of the famed white-bird, the game can be yours for about $4.50.

Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy
Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy
Developer: Anuman
Price: $2.99
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• The first adventure from the author of Syberia and Syberia 2, Benoît Sokal
• The fascinating treasure trail laid out in Valembois’ notebooks
• High-definition graphics and cinematics
• Numerous enigmas to solve
• The varied and bewitching music and ambient sounds
• Voices and texts are available in 5 languages (English,French,German,Italian,Spanish)

[tab:About Microïds]

Created in 1984, Microïds is an international publisher of multi-platform video games based in Paris (France). Today, it represents Anuman Interactive’s video game business in all its forms. Managed by its creator Elliot Grassiano, Microïds keeps getting stronger and widens its large game catalogue with genres as varied as adventure, management, simulation and action. Through its adaptations of iconic titles such as ” Syberia” or ” Amerzone” on new supports or through its original creations (“Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy “, ” Haunted House Mysteries “, ” Monument Builders: Colosseum “…), today, Microïds is present on PC, Mac, tablets as well as iOS and Android mobiles but also on Tizen (more than 20 titles are in progress), Xbox 360 or PS3 (” Syberia ” 1 and 2).

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