Dominos, dominos everywhere in the Domingos

The Domingos by “TeaPOT Games” is a brand new physics puzzle game that just went live on the Play Store. It features, well, dominoes, but also things that roll, shoot, move, turn or even explode under your fingers.


Now, not that it matters, but “The Domingos” does have a storyline that goes something like this:

The Dandits attacked Dodge City. Taken by surprise, the Domingos failed to defend themselves. The Dandits rounded up all the Dominitas in the town and fled back into the Bad Lands with them.  

As you probably guessed, it is you who decides to help the Domingos rescue their loved ones and punish all the Dandits for their erratic behavior. Armed with your faithful canon, your job is to line up all the Domingos in front of it, shoot them and watch the chain reaction as they continue falling towards the level specific event sitting on the other side.

Speaking of levels, there are 65 of them with more to come in some of the future updates. The Domingos is free to play ad supported game ($0.99 to remove them) and couple of optional IAPs that can help you beat some of the harder levels you come across. If you feel like giving your brain cells a workout, follow the link below and download the game from the Play Store.

The Domingos
The Domingos
Developer: TeaPOT Games
Price: Free+
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