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Yesterday I received a mail from my friend with subject, try this one out and write something about it. It’s called Impossible Dungeon, an indie title trending on Reddit at the moment. So I did and here is what I found out about it.

Impossible Dungeon is a pixelated part idle, part roguelike dungeon crawler that seems to be a single dev solo project (if I understood correctly). As such it has that indie charm and gives you the “Yet Another Pixel Dungeon” vibe. So, what is Impossible Dungeon and why should you try it.

The game itself is quite simple. You have a band of up to 3 heroes that crawl dungeons, collect loot and descend to the next floor. They do it all by themselves and you have no direct control of their actions, but you can influence their behavior in other ways. For example you can give them orders to spread-out for faster enemy cleaning, loot everything, certain things or nothing. While it may seem weird to not loot anything, this turned out to be quite important if your goal is to clear the floor quickly and start the next one ASAP.

On the other hand, loot (or gold) is needed to upgrade your heroes abilities like damage, armor, health or add more heroes to the team. Aside from the regular gold, you also collect Dungeon Points (the skull looking ones) at much slower rate. You get them by completing the daily or weekly quests, entering tournaments, clearing dungeons etc. They are used for the permanent upgrades and new class unlocks, so use them wisely.

I can go on and on describing how to play or what to do in Impossible Dungeon, but there is no point wasting (our) time. Try the game. If this genre suits you and you will know if you like it or not in about 5 minutes. I did and I will keep it on my phone. Not only because I plan on playing it, but also because of the incredible size that it takes (around 10 megabytes).


Impossible Dungeon is free to play, naturally that means that some sort of monetization is in place. Luckily the developer opted out of annoying ads, pop-ups or banners and decided to go with the popular “watch an ad for a reward” method. So nothing really intrusive. That aside, the only in-app purchases are the permanent currency doublers, as well as the ads-free experience, which honestly I am not really clear how it works since there are no ads in the first place.

Final thoughts

Impossible Dungeon is a fun time waster that doesn’t take a lot of space, nor it requires a flagship Android device to run. That being said, there are some things that should be improved. It would be nice to see some kind of tutorial in the beginning. Nothing too demanding just an explanation of the basics and what to do when you start. More polish is needed (not visually) in the menus, maybe tooltips or hints to ease in new players, but the biggest criticism goes to the content itself. The game needs more, a lot more to stay relevant and I personally hope it will get there.

To download the game you can follow the link below. Or you can visit the r/impossible_dungeon subreddit to check on tournament results or talk about the game with other users.

Impossible Dungeon
Impossible Dungeon
Developer: MINMAXIA
Price: Free

by Martin Janov

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