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Archer Hero Bow Masters is a shooter, similar to Archero, but with a bit easier rewards. The game is available on Android, but still in early access. Even so, you can download it or check out the gameplay video of the first 10 minutes below.

Archer Hero Bow Masters Gameplay and Features

The game is very simple to play. You can easily do it one-handed as the only thing to do is move around. When you stand you shoot, when you move you don’t. When “special” meter is full, just double-tap the movement stick to use it. Each time you level up, you gain a perk, but monsters get stronger. Perk selection is quite big, but you can only choose from 3 randomly selected ones when leveling up. After 9 stages you will fight the Boss of the level. Boss variety is good, and if you win, you regain some of the health you lost.

Gear collection and hero upgrades are the two most important things you must do if you want to progress further. Luckily everything can be acquired by playing, or by waiting (the AFK rewards).

Gameplay Video

Main Features

  • Addictive, action-packed gameplay
  • Tight and responsive control with just one finger
  • AFK Rewards: earn coins and items in your free time.
  • Stunning graphics, beautiful worlds and characters.
  • The endless combination of skills and gears.


Pros:Nice GameplayConsClone of Archero
Pros:Easy progressConsEnergy System
Pros:Not too hardConsCan be quite grindy
Pros:Good bosses
Archer Hero Bow Masters Pros & Cons

The game is developed by WeMaster Games, the beta version (Early Access) is available on Google or you can side-load it as APK. Tap below to get it, download size is around 160 megabytes.

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