Dead Island: Survival RPG (Early Access)

Fans of the survival genre have something to look forward and that is Dead Island: Survival RPG. A brand new game from DevVision Games, striving to gather around everyone craving for crafting and bashing zombies. The game official early access release was yesterday, and everyone can download and try it from the Android Play Store.

What to expect?

Dead Island: Survival is pretty standard “run of the mill” survival game. You wake up on a strange island, and start well.. surviving. But not before you actually get out of the flaming building by following the instructions of Mr. “U.N.Known” on the radio.

Once you get out, you can explore your new home, kill some zombie and start repairing and crafting. One quick tip, craft the first backpack as soon as possible, because you will soon find a lot of items and your pockets only have about 10 slots.

When you learn the basics and how to survive, you can start leveling up and explore the rest of the island. Although still in early access, the game has a decent amount of content. You can craft an entire city if you want to. From simple backpacks to flaming swords and assault rifles. If you feel overwhelmed in the beginning, the auto button will help you gather materials faster, but the game won’t hold your hand otherwise. Whatever you do, pay attention to your needs so you don’t die from thirst or hunger.

Dead Island: Survival RPG (Early Access)
The Map

Developers have big plans for the game. In near future, CO-OP mode will be implemented, as well as a PvP arena where players can fight each other. After that, they want to take it even further by making it a legitimate MMO game. Including raids on you (please not another RUST), zombie waves, instances and raid bosses.


Dead Island: Survival RPG is available only on Android for now. You can download the game for free from the Google, or you can sideload the AFK if Play Store is not available to you.

Note* This is NOT the same game as Dead Island Survivors that we reviewed here back in 2018.

Dejan B. – “Dead Island: Survival RPG (Early Access)”

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