Furry Knight Break celebrates 5000 downloads

Furry Knight Break is an action puzzle game where you help the poor furry knights out of their armor. They are stuck and sweaty, but you can help them out by breaking pieces of the armor and find the hidden symbol before you run out of moves. The celebration event will unveil the 3rd furry hero (Levana), her story and some bonus rewards if you log in.

What’s new in Furry Knight Break

Furry Knight Break celebrates 5000 downloads

Levana is the 3rd character entering the game, and her backstory goes something like this:

While walking early one morning, as you are just rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you come across an intensely focused Levana running. You go to call out to her…but at that very moment, she collides with you and you lose consciousness. Deciding that its necessary to get you medical care without delay Levana runs, carrying you deep into the woods beyond Safia’s village.

She is a horse-type Kemonomimi girl. Thorough breed with high-class family background. This battled-hardened girl used to be kept in cotton wool in her younger days. Watch out when you talk to her from the back, as she may give you a back kick, but the hip muscles you can see would be admirable.

Furry Knight Break is a casual puzzle game. The goal is to break the armor from the girls by gently tapping on the screen. Once you uncover the “curse mark”, make some more room around it and tap it to break the armor. If you run out of moves before you can find the mark, you will have to start over.

Players can develop special relationships with each character by giving them gifts and learning about their origin. Gifts are something that can be purchased from the store with gold. Gold is awarded when you complete a stage, and you can double the winnings by watching an ad.

Download + APK

Furry Knight Break can be downloaded from the Play Store and the Apple App Store. But some regions are locked out (not sure why), if that’s the case, you can download the APK from the link below.

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