Dead by Daylight pre-registration is open

NetEase Games and Behaviour Interactive announce the pre-registration event for Dead by Daylight Mobile is now live, ahead of a massive update that will improve the gameplay experience and add a variety of cosmetics and customization options. The game is scheduled to launch March 15th, 2023 on Android and iOS. Maximum milestone rewards are reached, so prepare for hefty rewards once the game is out globally.

About the game

In Dead by Daylight Mobile, a group of four players takes on the role of Survivors, trying to evade the fifth player, who is the Killer. Working together, the Survivors must utilize their unique abilities and hide from the Killer to escape their grisly fate. Meanwhile, the Killer uses their supernatural skills to track down and eliminate the Survivors one by one.

Dead by Daylight

The game is receiving a substantial graphical update, including physics-enabled clothing and hair, dynamic shading and lighting, and a complete visual overhaul of characters and maps. Controls will be improved, several bugs fixed, and quality-of-life updates added. The new Platinum Tier of cosmetics will also introduce exclusive Memento Mori animations for the Killers.

The Rift, a season pass featuring unique cosmetics, is coming to the mobile version for the first time. Players can progress along the Rift Pass to earn free rewards, compete for a spot on the Seasonal Leaderboards, and test their skills in The Fog thanks to the updated Ranking System.


D.B. – “Dead by Daylight pre-registration is open”

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