Tacape debuts on Android and iOS

Tacape is a brand new, deck-builder card game, coming from Really Long Birds, Aiyra & PID Games. It debuts today on both mobile platforms and features roguelite elements, nifty upgradable cards and thrilling combat. The game is free to try, but certain features can only be unlocked by an in-app purchase.

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About the game

Join Lorena on her journey as she sets out to rescue her little brother, who was snatched away by a mysterious creature. To save him, she must venture into the forest and confront a range of mythological creatures. Meanwhile, Lucas, Lorena’s younger brother, attempts to find his way back to his older sister by navigating the dangers of the forest.

Tacape Launch Trailer

For enthusiasts of tactical challenges, Tacape offers a deck-building card game with roguelite elements. Engage in a series of combats, construct your tactics, enhance your cards, and confront mythical creatures on your journey. Your opponents may switch positions and attempt to obstruct you in different ways during battle. To emerge victorious, you must manipulate the battlefield, grasp the nature of each enemy, and execute wise maneuvers.


You can get Tacape on the official stores, or you can sideload the APK on your Android device if the Google Play Store is blocked for you. However, in-app purchases must go through google.

D.B. – “Tacape debuts on Android and iOS”

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