Ragnarok Begins is nearly out of beta

Ragnarok Begins is the latest spinoff from the popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online. It is currently in open beta, but should be available on Android, iOS and PC by the end of the year. You can already pre-register and hopefully, receive some bonuses when it finally comes out. Or you can try your luck installing it and test if the open beta version works in your region.

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Ragnarok Begins (WEST)

As with the parent title, this is supposed to be a cross-platform MMORPG. Ragnarok Begins is an isometric game with cute anime graphics, huge world to explore (Midgard) and enough mythical dungeons to keep you busy for a long time.

The main accent is on the cross-platform part. Developers claim that switching from your PC to your phone will be fast and painless, and you will only need one account. While this remains to be seen, the game has over 10.000 downloads on the Google Play Store alone, so it must be something special. The screenshots and the trailer look very promising.

Main Features

Deep Fantasy Adventure

– A deep adventure with a colossal story as you unravel mysteries and conflicts
– Challenge yourself in the Endless Tower, either solo or with friends
– Test your might through group PVP and ranked battles in the Arena of Valhalla

Cross Platform

– Use one account across PC and mobile devices, allowing you to progress and adventure on the go
– Never stop advancing your journey with autoplay functions and smooth playability on both PC and mobile
– Side-scrolling arcade-style combat allows easy accessibility

Dynamic Action

– Action-packed combat with non-targeting, allowing precise control of area-of-effect abilities
– Gain movement abilities to dodge enemy attacks and out-maneuver opponents
– Use a variety of potions and items to gain buffs and heal your character

Endless Build Customization

– Customize and upgrade your weapons, armor and accessories with multiple progression systems
– Build out unique skill trees for each job, as well as an adventure skill tree available to all jobs
– Choose from 4 base jobs, each with 2 advanced jobs to progress into for endgame content

Community Social System – Let’s play together!

– Create or join a guild with many guild activities and progression systems, including guild benefits and shared guild halls
– Design and grow your own player house with in-game progression systems – invite your friends too
– Join groups of adventurers to battle server-wide world bosses

You can check out Ragnarok Begins trailer here, and try to download the game from the links below.

I.K. – “Ragnarok Begins is nearly out of beta”

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