Contra: Evolution finally makes its way on Google Play

One of the most popular run & gun franchises of all time finally appeared on the Play Store after being available to iOS users for over a month now. Contra: Evolution by Konami is a remake of the original game released in 1988, featuring updated graphics, optimized touch controls and couple of brand new additions in form of new characters and challenges.

It’s time for “Mad Dog” and “Scorpion” to visit South American jungles and fight the evil aliens from the “Red Falcon Organization”, planning to overtake Earth once again. Two new unlockable characters will join Bill and Lance in order to suppress the threat and ensure the safety of Earth’s citizens.

Unfortunately, Bill and Lance seem to be stuck in the past and never heard about Bluetooth or USB, leaving the game clueless about external controllers. This is really unfortunate as the original Contra was designed to be played on some kind of joystick or d-pad. With any luck “PunchBox Studios” folks will realize this and conduct a short briefing to our heroes in some of the later updates.

Contra: Evolution costs $0.99, but relies on IAPs as well, so keep this in mind before purchasing the game. Some of the users on the Play Store reacted about the shady rules the game implies upon installation such as “permission to send SMS” and “permission to set password”.  Hopefully the developers will step in and explain those to the masses.

UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store. Download Contra Evolution APK here.

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