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Astro Boy Dash available for Android

Animoca’s latest endless runner puts you in the shoes of Astro Boy (also known as Atom), trying to get away from school by running across the city streets, avoiding capture, collecting coins, avoiding traps and beating highscores. Astro Boy Dash is officially licensed product based on the Astro Boy manga and anime characters by Osamu Tezuka. 

Despite Prof. Ochanomizu’s good intentions to teach Atom (Astro Boy) about his robotic body capabilities by providing daily lectures, he gets bored and decides to run away from school in order to … well, have fun.

While running across the city streets, you will avoids obstacles, collects coins and beat challenges. Coins can be used to upgrade various body parts and power-ups, acquire costumes or simply use them to continue running when you splash into something. After acquiring sufficient amount of currency, you can also unlock Uran (Astro Girl), Astro’s younger sister.

Coins are the only currency you will have to worry about, and can be collected freely while playing or bought for real money in form of an IAP. Astro Boy Dash supports achievements and global leaderboards, giving you the push necessary to continue running. The game can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.

UPDATE: Game removed from the Play Store. Download Astro Boy Dash APK here.

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