Update: Angry Birds Star Wars II new trailers

As a result of their ongoing promotional campaign, Rovio just released 4 new trailers dedicated to introducing some of the new characters taking place in Angry Birds Star Wars II. Beside the introduction, you will also take a glimpse at some of their abilities and what can you do to make the birdies life even more miserable.

Mind you that Angry Birds Star Wars II will use the Telepods technology, beaming action figurines (*sold separately*) directly into the game by using your device camera. It still remains a mystery if the Telepods will be available worldwide, or just in selected countries. And now, here are the 4 characters that have been revealed to feature in the upcoming game.

Rovio also announced that for the first time in Angry Birds history, you will be able to “join the Pork side” and play as the piggies in any Angry Birds game. What exactly do they mean by “any” isn’t certain at this moment. Is Rovio going to update all previous Angry Birds games or this stands only for future releases, we will have to wait and see. The announced release date is September 19th, so we are less then a month away.

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