Chain Strike Global Launch

Com2uS is announcing that their anticipated SRPG – Chain Strike is now available for Android devices via Google Play. Chain Strike is a mixture of chess and turn-based RPG where players can enter the world of Signus and use battle-hardened strategies to beat up bosses, or each other. The motto of the game is “One move forward. One step towards victory.” and can be downloaded for free.


Chain Strike


In Chain Strike, players will wage wars on a 5×7 battlefield with mechanics that combine chess and tactical RPG. There is a roster of over 200 diverse characters (Guardians), each with their own unique skills and abilities that can be upgraded and improved. Furthermore, the storyline will guide the players and make them venture to locations all across the world, gather new equipment, gain experience and levels.

The game also offers PvP and ranked modes where you can face other players from across the world.



Chain Strike will further prove our track record of producing fan-favorite social RPGs and our commitment to bringing engaging gameplay to players across the globe,” said Casey Lee Vice President of GAMEVIL Com2us. “We’re excited to introduce the game and unique elements of the Chain Strike universe to all audiences, core and casual gamers alike.



The game can be downloaded from the link below. It’s free to play, with in-app purchases and requires only Android devices running version 4.1 or later. Everyone who pre-registered their account, should now be able to receive the promised rewards, including “The Book of Mystical Dimension” that will summon a 3 to 5 star guardian when used.


Source: Press Release

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Unknown app
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