Com2uS opens pre-registrations for Chain Strike

Chain Strike is an upcoming tactical RPG game by Com2uS. Details are still not available for the general public, but the three videos they released show interesting take on the genre and pretty colorful graphics. The exact release date was not revealed yet, however it can’t be long since the campaign is in full effect on Facebook and other social media sites.


Chain Strike for Android and iOS


From what I could find, the game focuses on team building and strategic placement of heroes on the battlefield. The players will be offered over 200 characters, dungeon and story modes. Some sort of PvP will also be included, but it was not specified if it will be real-time or not. There is a heavy emphasis on the “Pincer Attack” system, which is apparently something you will have to master: This system enhances users understanding of the game and participants who complete the mini-game (link at the bottom) will receive a much sought-after Scroll.


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The pre-registration bonus includes 150 Moonstones, that are apparently the premium in-game currency and can be used for various purchases and Guardian summons. A Book of Mythical Dimension that summons 3 to 5 star Guardian will also be included when the game is released. The affiliate program is live and you can recommend the game to your friends. If they join, you get even more rewards.



To register your account, head over to the official website and enter your email. You will get notified when the game is released and receive the rewards. You can also pre-register on the Play Store directly, but there is no mention about the rewards there. For more information, visit the official Facebook page.

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