Spellweaver on Android

Spellweaver is not a new game, it was launched in 2016 on Steam. After couple of years, the developers from “Dream Reactor” are finally introducing the mobile version available on both, Android and iOS. Spellweaver is a trading card game and is free to play. It holds a respectable 7/10 score on steam and from today on, you can take the game with you.


Spellweaver Mobile

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Spellweaver is a trading card game, following (to some degree) the mechanics used in Magic: The Gathering. The main feature, or one of the main features is the hero development. Players will receive experience, gold and other resources that can be used to level up the chosen hero skills and then build a deck that those skills will most benefit from. Speaking of decks, there are creatures, spells, instants and mana cards that come in 5 different rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic and heroic. Each card has its strengths and weaknesses and building your perfect deck will require a bit of time spent researching their abilities.

Card Stats


Although the gameplay mechanics will remind you of MTG, there are couple of key differences. The most obvious one is the unit speed. For example, big and strong units are usually slow and can be outmaneuvered by fast and light creatures. The shrines are used to gain mana and levels, similar to “lands”, except those are two separate values that you will have to keep an eye on. If a creature requires 3 mana to summon and 2 “levels”, you will have to meet both requirements to play that card.



Graphics and Gameplay


Graphics are exactly the same as on the Steam version, but I did experience occasional slowdowns on my midrange Xiaomi Mi A1 phone. Keep in mind that this is the initial release and the developers will probably iron-out any bugs and glitches in the upcoming updates.

The World


Gameplay-wise, you will be greeted by a tutorial that will explain all the basics and provide you with a free starter deck. After that, the main map opens up where you can pick up and complete quests to gather booster packs, cards, gold or other valuables. You can even jump straight into multiplayer and battle against other people, but that is not a good idea unless you already played the game on Steam. Tournaments are also available and provide respectable rewards to all the winners.




Yes and yes. Spellweaver does not only support cross platform multiplayer, but you can also use the same account on all of your devices. That means that you can play the game on your PC at home and continue playing outside. This is probably the best way to go for the developers instead of building-up their player base from scratch.

Booster Pack


Finally, Spellweaver is free to play and you won’t be instantly showered with in-app purchases or ads. The quest system is pretty generous and will provide you with pretty much everything you need to get started. If you decide to invest in crafting and extra cards, you can. The game uses Crystals and Gold as the main in-game currencies that can be bought separately from the in-app store.

To download the game on your Android device, follow the link below or check it out on Steam.


Developer: Dream Reactor EOOD
Price: Free
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