One Punch Man officially launched

One Punch Man officially launched on Google Play and App Store, servers are live since yesterday – worldwide. This is the official turn-based strategy mobile RPG licensed by and adapted from popular Japanese anime series ONE PUNCH MAN.

About One Punch Man

The game is released by Moonton, known mostly for their Mobile Legends series. One Punch Man – The Strongest is their official adaptation of ONE PUNCH MAN anime, originally created by ONE and Yusuke Murata. And if you had any doubts, the entire game development was supervised by a committee (from somewhere?) including SHUEISHA. Whatever that means.

I tried the prologue, killed to bosses and I wasn’t overly impressed. Maybe the game will have a bigger appeal to the fans of the anime series, but for me it looked like a regular Gacha game with cartoonish graphics. It’s exactly as interesting as you would expect, addictive in the beginning, annoying later on.

Of course, animations make a huge difference when compared to other games of this type, hence the appeal to fans that comes first.

One Punch Man notable features

The game features original audio, with a whole team of (good) voice actors standing behind it.

Customizabe Combination, Variable Strategies
You can fight along with Saitama, “The Strongest Hero”, and face the disasters and villains straight out of the original work. You will need to recruit various heroes and villains, and form your exclusive lineup. Through smart strategy thinking and the combination of unique character features and skills, you can dominate the battlefield.

A Wide Range of Characters, Each with Unique Intros
Saitama, Genos, Terrible Tornado, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Boros, each with their exclusive skills and costumes, which await your discovery!

A Variety of Modes, Rich Gameplay Available
Institute of Genetics, Association Arena, Unnatural Disaster, Extreme Training, Awakening Trial, multi-player team play, PVE campaigns and last but not least the Saitama combat mode, and thrilling one punch kill in quick clearance of challenges!

The game ended up in our Top 5 new games for September 2022, check out the recorded gameplay:

One Punch Man Gameplay

Where to get it?

One Punch Man released simultaneously on Android and iOS. As I mentioned before, this is a free to play gacha game. There is no need to commit your time if you don’t like it, but do check it out. It’s not very large download and it seems to be running well on mid-range hardware.

One Punch Man - The Strongest
One Punch Man - The Strongest
Developer: Moonton
Price: Free

Dejan B. – “One Punch Man officially launched”

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