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Candy Disaster TD Android and iOS version

Candy Disaster TD is not really a new game, it was launched on Steam in 2021, but the Android and iOS ports are brand new. This is a pretty, colorful 3D Tower Defense game that is easy to play, but can still give you a solid challenge if you decided to find all the candy around the world. It even has a seasonal events and achievements (on Android).

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About the game

You will be greeted by a comic-like intro where a meteor full of candy strikes the Earth. And yes, you are the crazy mad scientists that tries to keep all the candy by building traps, towers and obstacles against all the people from around the world.

Candy Disaster TD offers a lot of content in 3 different worlds ranging from tropical islands to frozen cemeteries and stormy deserts. The gameplay is quite simple, but you will have to think ahead and combine multiple traps to achieve maximum effectiveness. Each trap/tower can be upgraded and refined to your specs. You can lower the cooldown, increase the damage output or even upgrade the knockback strength. The coolest feature is the combo placement where if you do it right, you will whiteness a total domination of the wave.

Graphics are pretty with vivid colors and you can pinch, zoom or rotate the map as much as you please. Once you complete a map on “easy”, you can try beating it on “challenge”, but be wary as the difficulty spikes significantly. All in all, there is enough content to keep you busy for a while, but trap upgrades can hinder your progress and make the game a bit grindy.

Each completed stage yields bonus resources that you can use to upgrade the traps. Earning achievements and completing quests will also award you diamonds, the premium currency.

I recorded the first 30 minutes of gameplay on Android, you can check out the in-app purchases too.

Candy Disaster TD Android Gameplay


Candy Disaster TD is free to play with ads and in-app purchases. However, there is a paid version that removes the IAPs completely (ads too), but I am not sure if it removes the energy bar as well (probably yes). And if you want to play it on Steam, you can do that too, but the price is cheaper on Android & iOS.

Finally, the developer left a message:

※ Developer Message
I am Klaus, Candy Disaster is my first indie game.
Your download and feedback is so precious to me.
If you have fun, please recommend it to the people around you:)

The developer

Hello Klaus, I wish you many successful years in the game development world. My friendly advise is to make your own website (Google Play link is from the publisher), and provide a press release kit for your games. It makes our job a lot easier. Candy Disaster TD is a great game and keep up the good work.


Here are the links where you can follow to download the game on Android, iOS and Steam. I also added an APK link for the free version of the game in case Google Play is unavailable to you.

Dejan B. – “Candy Disaster TD Android and iOS version”

Pros:Fluid gameplay, nice colorful graphicsConsNeeds Co-Op multiplayer
Pros:Lots of contentConsCan be grindy
Pros:Easy to pick up and play
Candy Disaster TD Pros & Cons

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