99Vidas released on Android and iOS

QUByte Interactive proudly presents “99Vidas”, now available for iOS and Android devices. This is an “old school” beat’em up inspired by legendary arcade games like Final Fight, Double Dragon, Battletoads and Streets of Rage from the 1980’s and early 1990’s. The game is free to download and play, has gorgeous pixelated graphics and online Co-Op mode.

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About the game

“99Vidas” is a brawler set in a contemporary world, but that pays tribute to both the classic and the new in the gaming industry. Brought to you in 16-bit pixelated glory, chock-full of references to not only gaming but also 80’s and 90’s pop culture. “99Vidas” takes full advantage modern era gameplay mechanics, making it the best of both worlds.

99Vidas Release Trailer

Key Features

– Free to Play for everyone
– Online Co-op with crossplay between Android and iOS
– Different playable characters
– 6 Epic Boss Fights
– Upgradeable combos
– Story mode with 6 stages
– Enemies can block, evade and coordinate attacks
– Versus and survival modes


The game is free to download and play on both Android and iOS. It has microtransactions in form of in-app purchases. Players have limited lives that recharge over time, but there is an option to remove this limit in the in-app store. 99Vidas is also available on Steam, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

Dejan B. – “99Vidas released on Android and iOS”

About QUByte Interactive

QUByte is a Brazilian Game Developer and the largest Latin American Publisher on consoles. Our goal is to develop the industry through Porting and Publishing partnerships makin games available to a broader audience on all major platforms, so they can realize their full potential.

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