D&D Arena of War now available on Android

“The Sundering” event that threatens to disturb the fine balance between good and evil has begun! Get ready to fight the forces of evil and restore the balance in Mobage’s latest RPG game, D&D Arena of War.

Dungeons and Dragons Arena of War is free to play top down 3D RPG game that takes place in The Forgotten Realms. You start your adventure at the city of Baldur’s Gate, but you will also visit other famous regions such as The Trade Way, Northern Sword Coast and Undermountain on later levels. You are called upon as champion to fight the forces of evil and restore the balance before the Sundering is complete.

There are many races and classes to chose from and you can fully customize your character appearance as well. The gameplay mechanics are quite unusual. You “slingshot” your hero towards the enemy mobs in an attempt to bounce them off the traps laying around, making them suffer double damage, or performing a series of combo moves to finish off multiple opponents at once. You can play alone or get help from your friends or random people by forming a party and questing together.

Dungeons and Dragons Arena of War is free to download and play, supported by IAPs and game-restrictive timers that prevent you from playing the game as much as you please. You start off with 100 quest points on the bar and starting each quest will consume certain amount of it (about 10-15 points). Once you run out of points, you either wait for it to recharge ( 2 points per 5 minutes), or buy the x6 potion pack for 100 mobage coins (about $0.99).


 Game Features:
• Quest through the world of the Forgotten Realms
• Battle with strategy and skill using touch-based attacks
• Customize your warrior with hundreds of powers that can be upgraded and combined
• Battle new adversaries every month for valuable rewards
• Invite your friends and wage war on your enemies

UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store. Download D&D Arena of War APK here.

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