Ninja Must Die – Early Access preview

Ninja Must Die is an upcoming arcade platform game for Android and iOS. It features beautiful ink/silhouette style graphics, with awesome backgrounds and story. The game is currently in early access, and I was among the few lucky ones to try it. Developed by Pandada Games it is expected to go public in December 2022, so not that far away. Check out the gameplay video.

Why must Ninja die?

Ninja Must Die has an interesting story (no spoilers) that all new players must follow. You can’t really skip the tutorial, nor you should as it will teach you the basic mechanics of the way of the Ninja. Plus, it awards you items necessary to progress further with each stage completed. You can gain stars per level, depending on your performance, but until chapter 4 you won’t have problem getting nothing less than 3 stars.

As you progress with the story, your ninja rank will increase. Up to Junior 1, the progress is curated so you can’t really do anything wrong. Once you cross that line though, multiple game modes are unlocked and you can pretty much choose what you want to play and how to level up. For now, you can only play the Arena and “Ninja Trials” (apart from the story missions), but more content will be added soon. Bounties are also a thing where you can hunt down the assigned target for extra loot and points.

Graphics are perfect for a platform auto-runner game. The silhouette style graphics with rich colorful background look extremely good on the high-res small screen of your phone. Of course, the combination of speed and simplified control add to the immersion you are experiencing while dodging, jumping killing or sliding. You don’t have a direct control of your character, instead he runs forward automatically, but you need to predict your next move on time and avoid the obstacles. This is usually a split-second decision, and more often than not – you will learn from your own mistakes.

Ninja Must Die Gameplay Video

The release date

I am not entirely sure about the exact release date, except that it will be in December this year. However, Ninja Must Die will probably have multiple pre-release events like Open beta or pre-registrations. So make sure you visit the Google Play link and sign up for it, if you plan on playing it later. Developers still have time on their hands to add more features and tweak things around. If they don’t do something wrong with the microtransactions (which are not yet included), this may very well be a great game to play. For more information you can visit the official website.

Dejan B. – “Ninja Must Die – Early Access preview”

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