Blade & Soul Revolution has new update

Netmarble has released a huge update for its open world mobile RPG Blade & Soul Revolution. There are new events, new content, PvP and new bosses. “Under the Full Moon” themed limited-time events run until November 7th.

About the update

The newly added PVP feature, “Automaton Graveyard Evil Beast Conquest,” allows players to engage in battles against three Mini Bosses: the Green Steel Automaton, Red Steel Automaton, and Steel Automaton. The ultimate challenge awaits as players face the Completed Ancient Automaton, the mission’s final boss. Upon conquering all of these foes, players can earn rewards, such as the Greater Aura of Dragon and Greater Aura of Protection.

The Ancient Skill Badge growth system has also expanded where players can evolve their Skill Badge up to [True] Grade and [Ultimate] grade, which allows them to have higher stats for the battle.

Update Trailer

Under the Full Moon Events

Dungeon Exploration: Complete various in-game missions, including clearing dungeons and raids, to receive the Full Moon Summon Pouch that includes multiple rewards such as the Ancient Weapon Design and more.

Reinforcement Prayer: Players are encouraged to complete all in-game missions, including daily missions, clearing Dimensional Rift and more, to get the Lunabunny Gift Chest. Players can use this chest to obtain either Blessing Stone, Refined Aura of Spirits or Ancient Fragment.

Equipment Enhancement: Complete all missions, which include an attempt to enhance items and equipment salvage, to earn the Legendary Martial Tome Fragment and more.


Blade & Soul Revolution is an open world mobile RPG, based on the PC online game Blade & Soul. It is available on Android and iOS as a freemium game, with full 3D graphics backed by the Unreal Engine 4.

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