Strange Hill

Strange Hill is a brand new third-person adventure thriller that just launched on Android and iOS. Steam version is also in the making and should be available soon. The developers from PAGA GAMES promise regular updates and new content each month.

About the game

Your journey starts in the town of Strange Hill, where you’ll meet peculiar creatures and its inhabitants. You can find various useful items and engage in tasks for the locals to learn more about their stories. You’ll make friends with a robot named Ben and a hopper named Howard. The game is packed with puzzles and hidden surprises, making it a challenge to uncover them all, but it’s a rewarding experience.

Dr. Wood is your enigmatic neighbor that you will investigate to uncover his secrets, while traveling between worlds and facing feuding clans.


Strange Hill already launched on Google Play and Apple Store. The Steam version will follow soon, if interested bookmark the link below.

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