Sky Utopia for Android and iOS

Sky Utopia is a brand new vertical Action RPG for Android and iOS, developed and released by Dreamstar Network Limited. The game utilizes the gatcha system, which means you can start playing immediately for free. Once you feel comfortable with the game, you can decided to spend (or not) money on optional items and upgrades.

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About the game

Every year, Oars (the main city), holds an Adventurer Arena to select the strongest warrior from each class tier and award them the title: King of Heroes. These Kings of Heroes are able to fight superior fiends and make great contributions to defending Oars against powerful dragonborn. Oars has been peaceful and harmonious for a thousand years, during which many Kings of Heroes have been selected.

But one day, a crack appeared on the Dimension Fissure and the sound of an enchantment breaking up from the sky was heard. The elders of Oars injected their power into the Woodsoul and slowly closed the Dimension Fissure. However, a superior fiend that reeks of chaos got loose and started attacking the enchantment of the Yggdrasil, as if it knew that the power sealing the fissure would be undermined once the Yggdrasil is destroyed. Now, an adventurer, equipped with new armor and weapon (You), is determined to fight and defend Oars.

Game Features:

[Explore the magnificent sky utopia]
Leave your footprint in every corner of the sky utopia, and build your exclusive memory with Oars.
[Enjoy amazing gifts] Log in to get handsome gifts. Upgrade quickly and become an expert before you know it!
[Savor the cozy moments] Meet friends in Oars through Fishing, T-stage Show, Socializing Balls and more!
[Custom exclusive avatar] Use resplendent avatars and cool outfits to design your unique namecard!
[Conquer the Oppressor via cooperation] Summon friends and use strategies to release the ultimate skill and conquer the Oppressor!


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