RPG Jinshin hits the mobile stores

KEMCO just announced that their latest game, “RPG Jinshin”, is now available on Android and iOS devices. Standard price is $7.99 for Google Play, $4.99 for the App Store. A freemium edition with in-game ads that can be removed through in-app purchases is also made available on Google Play in selected countries. The press release didn’t specify which, so you will have to search manually.

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About the game

In the past, in a region called Asuka, there was a group of warriors called the Amaterasu Clan who fought against evil using swords as their weapon of justice. One day, a young man named Mikazuchi, who was skilled in sword fighting and possessed great knowledge, joined the Amaterasu Clan and teamed up with their Sword Master, Hinoko, in order to rescue his own master from Onigami Ichigan. The outcome of the battle will determine whether peace or chaos prevails in the end.

RPG Jinshin is a traditional JRPG, for which KEMCO is known for. You can utilize the strategies and tactics of Mikazuchi to gain advantages in turn-based battles that are rich in atmosphere and strategy. You can also use materials to create and upgrade equipment, and unlock powerful abilities called Kami Arts within weapons. Additionally, you can learn magic skills from Tsukumo Kami scattered throughout the game world, and use commands to improve their village and earn rewards, including new crafting recipes.

RPG Jinshin Trailer


– Enjoy turn-based battles full of ambiance and strategy.
– Make use of tactician Mikazuchi’s orders to gain powerful formation effects to turn the tide of battle.
– Use materials to craft weapons and armor.
– Unlock Kami Arts with wepons.
– Learn magic arts from Tsukumo Kami hiding all over the world.
– Develop village through commands to receive rewards and learn new crafting formulas.


Please note that the game is obviously not available in every part of the world, which was (again) unfortunately left out from the launch press release. If you can’t find a version that works in your country, you can download the APK file and side-load it on your phone. As for the paid version, there is no workaround.

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