Azur Lane – Sakura Empire Event

For those who don’t know, despite how it looks Azur Lane is actually a RPG naval warfare game. Yes, with girls (shipgirls) and 2D anime-like graphics. A new event started today “Violet Tempest, Blooming Lycoris” – featuring UR Ship Musashi, a Yamato class battleship.

About the event

The event will be live September 15th to October 5th. During the “Rapid Training Campaign” you can obtain skill books and 20 wisdom cubes. You can also finish 10 classes immediately when using Skill Books at the Tactical Class each day. All players under lvl.80 earn double commander and ship EXP from sorties.

Blooming Lycoris Event PV

New Characters

Five new characters are added to the Sakura Empire, including one Ultra Rare ship, Musashi. Two Super Rare ships; Wakatsuki and Sakawa. There are also two Elite ships; Haguro and Miyuki. Musashi, Sakawa, and Haguro enjoy a rate up from the limited construction. HMS Shropshire and USS Juneau are now equipped with New Retrofit.

Download the update from the link below.

Azur Lane
Azur Lane
Developer: Yostar Limited.
Price: Free


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