Soccer Manager 2023 – coming soon

As the new season approaches, soccer games are starting to roll out. That is the case with Soccer Manager 2023 by Invincibles Studio too. It’s not out yet, but you can pre-register for instant notification when it launches on September 22nd 2022.

What’s new?

Not everything was revealed, but the developers did mention real-time live trading. Which means you can make deals instantly. There is also “Create a Club”, a brand new mode that let’s you manage your very own club and compete with it.

Soccer Manager 2023 features a little over 25,000 official FIFPro licensed players from 35 countries and 900 clubs. The 3D match engine is a thing as well, so you can watch your heroes play.

To pre-register just tap the button bellow. Trailer is available here.

I. K.

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