Animal Puzzles for Kids

Animal Puzzles for Kids by DigitalEagle, a simple puzzle game safe for everyone. It’s no secret anymore that this generation of kids is growing up with some kind of digital device in their hands. Our job as parents is to make sure they don’t consume age inappropriate content, so we decided to feature a pretty simple game today.


Animal Puzzles for Kids – Inside the Game


Animal Puzzles for Kids (in short – APK) is a simple puzzle game with lovely artwork that will appeal to every toddler getting familiar with their digital companion. The goal is to arrange the pieces of the puzzle in a way that makes perfect sense. There is no piece rotations and the parts will snap-in place with a simple drag and drop.



The free version contains 4 animals (chicken, cow, bee and baby duck) and you can purchase the rest if you decide the game is suitable for your kid. Sounds are nice and the background music too. When tapped, animals will make a sound typical to their breed, including the objects in the background.



The developers decided to disable accidental payments by hiding them behind a simple mathematical problem that requires multiplying. Personally I believe that this is not really enough as kids can tap numbers randomly if the presented equation requires single number input. However, there are ways to improve parental control from the users side. We are writing a short tutorial regarding this matter which should be published in the next few days.

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Otherwise Animal Puzzles for Kids contains no ads and absolutely no violence. Think of it as a baby toy, perfectly safe as long as you retain proper parental controls. The game works in offline mode and you can download it from the link below.


Animal Puzzles for Kids
Animal Puzzles for Kids
Developer: Peaksel Games
Price: Free
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