Tales of Gaia soft launches in selected EU countries

The beta testing of Tales of Gaia is over and the game is now in the soft-launch phase. For now, only Players in Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Sweden will be able to download it and explore the massive MMORPG world it has to offer. Hack, slash and blast your way to glory in real-time combat.


About Tales of Gaia


Gaia was shattered by the invasion of darkness, but long before that, faction were at war against each other. Three fierce races (Humans, Elves and Dwarves) are fighting in full-scale battles to take over the planet. Will you enlist and help the faction of your choice to conquer the world? Dragons and dark magic are waiting to be conquered, bosses to be slain and epic story to be told.


Tales of Gaia

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Beta testers that already have an older version installed will have to delete it and install the new one. Also, beta accounts will be completely wiped, so you don’t get to keep your items and character progression. However, the press-release clearly states: all purchases made during the Beta Test will be sent to the first character you create on your account, so be sure to confirm the correct server when logging in, as transfers will not be supported.


Pre-Registration bonuses will be sent to all players when the game launches globally, so no shiny things for now. In fact, the pre-registration page is still up and accepting new registrations (link below). Players from the chosen countries can download Tales of Gaia right now, everyone else head over to the registration page:


Tales of Gaia Pre-Registrations



Tales of Gaia
Tales of Gaia
Developer: Snail Games USA Inc
Price: Free+
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