Kidarian Adventures

Kidarian Adventures is a brand new platform game coming from the HardSlime Game development team. The colorful graphics and the viking theme should be enough to get your attention, but there is more. The game is quite bigger then what’s shown on the Play Store page. If you like playing classic platform games, check this one out.


Kidarian Adventures for Android


The story revolves around young viking boy that embarks on a quest to save the world from the ungodly powers of the dark magic. He will do this by completing 30 levels (for now) and 3 bosses waiting at the end of each episode. Kidarian Adventures has some RPG elements as well, so better weapons, armor and even cosmetics can be upgraded simply by playing the game and collecting all the coins you can find on each level. If you see a question mark above your head, that’s a sign that a secret wall is somewhere near and exploring the general area can be very rewarding.



Potions and throwing weapons are also a big part of the adventure. Especially potions that can give you temporary boosts, in speed, time and damage, or heal you for 1 hit point when you are about to die. Most of the levels have reasonably spaced check-points that you can use to respawn, but only for couple of times. If you waste all your check-point respawns, you will have to start the level all over again. Controls are fairly simple, move on the left, shoot and jump on the right. They have good response times and won’t give you too much trouble.


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The prime in-game currency are the diamonds, mainly used for continuing right from the point where you die. All other upgrades and items can be purchased with coins (and diamonds as well). Ads are completely optional and won’t obscure your gameplay in any way, unless you chose to watch them in exchange for items and other goodies. Finally, Kidarian Adventures can be played in offline mode and is free to download from the Play Store. Check out the trailer and click the link below.




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