Warhammer: 40,000 Tacticus gets battle pass

Warhammer: 40,0000 Tacticus gets an updating introducing a battle pass system and Eldryon Ynaduin, the Farseer from the Aeldari faction. The battle pass launches on November 6th and Eldryon will be introduced on November 13th. The game is developed by Snowprint Stdios, and features extensive PvE campaign and PvP battles. Available on Android and iOS.

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Battle Pass and how will it work

Every five weeks the Battle Pass season will feature two parallel reward tracks with fifty milestone goals, each one granting materials and upgrades to improve your characters. One reward track is free, and all Tacticians can complete Battle Pass missions and earn progress points with every victory. The other reward track is exclusive to Battle Pass holders, who gain access to exclusive special missions, all of the free rewards, and further premium content.

Aeldari Farseer

Eldryon Ynaduin – Farseers make up the sorcerous Warlock class of the Aeldari. Dangerous fighters, these mystics can see into the future and draw powers from the Warp. Imposing their will of Doom on the foes of the Aeldari, Farseers are a strong ranged damage dealer in a fight. Eldryon embodies the full potential of a Farseer.


  • The Farseer’s psychic power grows each round, unleashing more powerful Warp blasts as the fight goes on.
  • Seeing into the future the Farseer can project around the battlefield and take enemies by surprise.


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