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Bubble Jet Raider, the soapy explorer

Bubble Jet Raider by WinnicoGames is a brand new endless runner that appeared on the Play Store few days ago. This time, instead of running (or swimming, flying and what not), the player has the opportunity to explore underwater caves by guiding the merry adventurer and his soap bubble through levels full of dangerous crystals that can burst the improvised submarine if touched.


“What makes the game different from other examples of the genre is how the player controls the gameplay. In other games, you could only control the protagonist and collect bonuses, while Bubble Jet Raider forces you to use your left hand to control the bubble and right hand to get rid of  obstacles. It’s possible to choose from three types of control – TAP, SWIPE or BALANCE – which guarantees that every player finds a suitable setting.”

Another interesting feature is the “hidden camera” option that secretly takes photos of your face (if you have front camera) while playing, photos that can be either saved or shared publicly on your Facebook profile. Your high score will also appear beside your face and can be used as an excuse to post the photo publicly. Bubble Jet Raider is available on the Android Play Store, costs $1.30, requires device running Android 2.3 or later and about 70mb of storage space.

Bubble Jet Raider
Bubble Jet Raider
Developer: WinnicoApp
Price: $0.99
[tab:Game Features]

– Three control options: BALANCE, SWIPE or TAP
– Control with right- and left-hand
– Taking pictures while playing – share it on Facebook
– Interesting and easy to use menu
– Original 2D graphics and cool music
– Realistic physics
– Unusual bonus items
– Game Center Achievements to complete
– Rakings for you and other players
– Unforgettable and endless game play!




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