Zoo 2: Animal Park and Dinosaur Park valentine collab

Upjers studios announced an internal collaboration of their two popular simulation games, Zoo 2: Animal Park and Dinosaur Park. The events will take place from February 8 through 15 (a day earlier for dino’s), on both Android and iOS. Fans have a chance to get unique decorations, participate in special events or feast on the in-game buffet.

Zoo 2: Animal Park and Dinosaur Park Downloads + APK

About the event

Zoo 2: Animal Park is hosting a romantic wedding party with pretty tables, shining balloons, and fence decorations. In the zoo game, players can collect roses to make the wedding even more beautiful. The best part of the wedding is the black-necked swan, which is a loyal and loving bird. This bird will have its own water area to live and raise its family with its partner. Also, decorations. A lot of them.

For Valentine’s Day, Dinosaur Park is having a tropical wedding. Guests will enjoy the wedding decorations with benches, sculptures of lovebirds, and cute menus. By regularly collecting hearts, players can get decorations like a wedding stage, a heart-shaped background, and a path for the bride.


Zoo 2: Animal Park

Dinosaur Park

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