Arena Breakout CBT on mobile starts soon

Arena Breakout is “next-gen” looter-shooter by MoreFun Studios Group. This game, precisely defined as “hardcore tactical first-person extraction shooter”, will begin the closed beta test phase in about a week on Android, and sometime in March for iOS users. Regardless, you can register now and be among the first players to try it out.

About the game and CBT

Arena Breakout is a mobile shooter that offers realistic graphics and challenging real-time PvP gameplay. You will take on the role of fortune-seeking agent on raids in the Dark Zone, with the freedom to choose your fighting style. The game is a high-stakes, winner-takes-all battle where death means losing everything and winning means phat loots.

Also there is a high level of customization for firearms and strategic decisions that impact your mission. Arena Breakout brings a new level of immersion to the tactical mobile FPS genre, according to the developers.

Beginning on February 17, the global closed beta will start in multiple countries with the following start dates. This beta will also have several language options tailored for people from different countries:


  • February 17 – Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, United Kingdom, and United States
  • March 9 – Brazil, Indonesia, and Japan

A Closed Beta Testing for iOS devices will be planned in March with a specific date to be announced later.

The Arena Breakout Global Closed Beta Test will showcase a brand new map called “Armory” together with some upcoming events. There is also a LITE version available so more device types can participate.

Please visit the official Arena Breakout website to sign-up for the Global Closed Beta starting February 17.

  • Watch the new Arena Breakout Global CBT Announcement Trailer HERE

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