Zombotron Re-Boot Gameplay Video

Fight with zombies, with evil robots and other undead creatures to survive in the crazy world of Zombotron. The action takes place on an unknown one day colonized planet, which over time was abandoned and forgotten by people. Find and rescue survivals to discover the mystery of the mysterious planet together.

Zombotron Re-Boot is a remaster of the original Zombotron Flash game series, with updated graphics, an improved physics engine and new, incredibly rich effects!

Zombotron Re-Boot Gameplay Video

Key Features:
— Well-developed destructible physical world;
— Lots of different weapons;
— You can destroy enemies using the environment;
— Various enemies with unique abilities;
— Use the gamepad and headphones for best experience.

How to play:
— Use the left screen stick to control the hero;
— Use the right screen stick to aim and HOLD a direction to attack;
— Interact with the environment to activate interactive objects;
— Discover the levels to find new weapons and keep track of your ammunition;
— Just take a break for healing – the hero is healed automatically.


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