State of Survival X Resident Evil

FunPlus announces unprecedented collaboration with Capcom, more specifically, State of Survival X Resident Evil crossover update. This event kicks in just in time for Halloween season on October 27, and will span two phases.

What’s new?

In the first part of the crossover event, State of Survival players team up with Resident Evil’s famous characters, including Chris Redfield and Lady Dimitrescu. In the State of Survival world, a dangerous fungus created by GigaCorp, known as RA13, has caused a global crisis by creating mutant threats. State of Survival heroes Sarge and Becca, along with the new character Chris, face this new menace in the form of Lady Dimitrescu.

In the second collaboration featuring “Resident Evil 4 (2023),” players will encounter two additional heroes, Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong.

Through this collaboration, players can access characters from Resident Evil, special HQ skins, decorations for their settlements, and avatar frames. This crossover event adds more heroes to the State of Survival lineup, joining Daryl Dixon from AMC’s The Walking Dead and The Joker from DC.

State of Survival X Resident Evil Trailer

We are thrilled to collaborate with Capcom and seamlessly merge the Resident Evil and State of Survival universes. The incredible synergy between the two franchises makes for a perfect fit, offering fans a truly immersive gaming experience. Chris and Lady Dimitrescu are waiting for you this fall. Enjoy the world of “Resident Evil” through exploration and Settlement decorations unique to this collaboration,

Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer at FunPlus

Through this collaboration, players can unlock playable heroes from Resident Evil, themed HQ skins, Settlement decorations, and Avatar frames and more as they immerse themselves in this unique crossover event. This collaboration expands the roster of playable heroes in State of Survival from other IPs, following the inclusion of Daryl Dixon from AMC The Walking Dead and The Joker from DC.


State of Survival is available on Google Play, Apple Store and Windows (PC).

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