Wish Interactive Debuts Wizardlord on E3 2018

Chinese publisher “Wish Interactive” presents their latest title, Wizardlord. A game that they announced as real-time mobile strategy will be presented next week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) alongside their other mobile 3D RPG game Royal Chaos that should be fully localized this summer. Anyway, the exact release date was not revealed (yet), but they did release couple of screenshots and one trailer.


Wizardlord Android xxx Royale?


This land was once prosperous 
until the Goddess disappeared without a trace.
Decades have passed … and rumors are stirring: 
Her relic has been found – 
and all the mages are desperate to wield it. 
The world hangs in the balance: 
Will you be the one to save it … 
or precipitate its doom?


And now this:


Wizardlord is set in a fractured magical land and consists of fast paced matches combining strategy and action. And yes, it does look like just another clone of Clash Royale, but nevertheless – Wish Interactive hopes that they can promote it as an eSport title. Will you become the ultimate Wizarlord? They sure hope so.

“With Wizardlord, we’re making a play for mobile eSports – one of the fastest-growing segments in competitive gaming,” says Choc Qian, marketing director at Wish Interactive. “During development, we kept high production values, reliable servers, and fun, polished gameplay as top priorities: Wizardlord is a true contender for the hearts and minds of competitive gamers everywhere.”



Key Features


  • Real-time PvP duels: Dominate fast, intense 1v1 battles and 2v2 team play for up to 5 minutes.
  • Three playable lanes: Find the perfect balance and timing for each lane to destroy enemy turrets.
  • Wide variety of cards: Collect and upgrade powerful elemental and summoning spells like a true mage.
  • Deck-building strategy: Build a powerful deck from dozens of unique cards.
  • Troops and spells: Trigger elemental affinities and reinforced effects with 32+ units and spells.



That’s about it for now. If we find out the release date of the game, we will do a follow up. If you happen to be visiting the E3 yourself, maybe the map below can help you find Wish Interactive’s booth.

Wish Interactive
Wish Interactive


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