White & The Golden Sword

The Spanish game developers “Cupra Studios” announced that “White & The Golden Sword”, a platform game that was available only to Spanish and Asian customers so far, starting today can be downloaded by British and North American players as well. This, however, is only partially true as you can download the game from pretty much anywhere in the world.

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White & The Golden Sword is a colorful platformer where you guide our pale hero (that looks a bit like Kirby btw) across 15 levels packed up with traps and obstacles. Your ultimate goal is to reach and defeat Obscurus the Lord of Darkness by slashing your mighty golden sword against his face.

The gameplay is quite simple and doesn’t drift too far away from similar platform games. You control “White” by tapping on the directional controls located on the left side of your screen, while attack and jump buttons are commonly placed on the right. There are couple of special attacks in form of power-ups scattered across the levels that will either boost your speed, attack or jump abilities. Graphics are nice with plenty of colors to admire to, but the game requires an Android device with at lest¬† 768mb of ram to run without hick-ups.

There are two versions of the same game available on the Google Play Store. The first one is paid ($1.34) and you won’t face any obstacles or ads on your quest to kill the ultimate evil. The second one is the “Lite” version that allows you to take a quick look and try the game before you decide to buy the full version. You can also unlock additional levels (in the Lite version) by posting info about the game on your Facebook wall, so even if you don’t plan on spending any money you can still play the game…. if you don’t mind bothering your friends that is.

White & The Golden Sword
White & The Golden Sword
Developer: Cupra Studios SL
Price: $1.30

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