Unhappy Raccoon opens up pre-registrations

Roguelike games are loved by many gamers because of the randomness of the experience they provide, the complexity of the system, and the refreshing feeling of connection. Unhappy Raccoon is a brand new Rogue-like action game from Big-Cat Studio with all the favorites features of the genre. It is set to launch October 8, 2022 on Android and iOS.

Gameplay Teaser

The action of Unhappy Raccoon takes place in an endless universe created by the god panda. You can choose from a list of hairy heroes and delve into nebula after nebula, discovering the unknown. Players can meet many different companions and enemies on different planets. There is also an extensive skill tree allowing them to mix and match abilities to suit their style. There are even more cute pandas to help you travel through space, and players can create countless types of battle options to help them even more along the way!

If this is a genre that interests you, Unhappy Racoon is open for pre-registration. There is even a beta version that you can try out, but you will have to download it on TapTap.

Eventually, when the game is released on the Play Store, your progress will be saved (according to the developer), so no wasted time here.

Unhappy Raccoon Official Trailer

Finally here is the link to the Play Store.

Unhappy Raccoon
Unhappy Raccoon
Developer: X.D. Network
Price: Free

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