Torchlight: Infinite Closed Beta is Live

XD Inc. announces that closed beta of their latest ARPG is now live and players can pre-register to try it out. Promising great visuals rendered in Unreal Engine 4, Torchlight: Infinite strives to become the latest dungeon crawler on everyone’s phone. Android and iOS.

Torchlight: Infinite will receive regular updates with season-based content, so it will probably be free with in-app purchases. We will post more details when the game launches. Developers are sweet-talking us all to join promising new levels, huge bosses and open-ended character development. You get 24 talent trees and 230+ unique skills per hero, so sky is the limit.

One of the heroes is Gemma, a special teaser for a powerful mage that can use her iconic Whirlwind through class talent customization and support skills. What’s more, with “Cast on Critical Strike” skills you can make Whirlwind unleash spell shockwaves. Sweet.

The closed beta test runs through to 7pm September 18 PST (3am BST September 19 2022). You can download it from TapTap or register on the link below.

Torchlight: Infinite
Torchlight: Infinite

Dejan B.

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