Treasure Breaker, modern take on classic breakout

In a jungle environment, far far away lives Terry. A strange creature of unknown origin that has a irresistible urge to destroy things while having fun. One day, he finds the ruins of an ancient temple full of valuables that just beg to be destroyed by his magic skull.  Help him crush all the treasures on his path in Treasure Breaker, a brand new arcade game by Reonyx Studios.


Treasure breaker is a remake of the classic breakout arcade game with few additions to make it more appealing for the casual gamers of this time period. The Jungle setting is nicely rendered with colorful graphics and pretty visuals. Your job is to guide Terry (that kind of looks like a crossbreed between Digit and Taz) and bounce-off the magic skull to crush every single treasure located on the upper part of the play-field.

There are 35 levels and couple of power-ups that can help you 3-star some of the harder stages you come across. Power-ups can be acquired from the in-game store and require you to spend gold, a currency that can be gathered while playing or purchased for real money from within the game.

Treasure breaker is a casual arcade game that can be picked up and played on the go by anyone. The game itself is ad supported and can be downloaded for free, but keep in mind that ads (the top one in particular) are are appearing during the entire gameplay, with additional fullscreen pop-ups before starting each level. This can be annoying if you consider the fact that you can’t quickly restart the level you currently play (feature not supported on Android, yet). You will have to quit, enter the level selector once again and see another fullscreen ad before you start the same level again. Luckily, ads can be easily removed for $1.99 – a feature that gives you no other benefits such as free power-ups or double coins (gold).

Treasure Breaker
Treasure Breaker
Developer: Reonyx Studios
Price: Free+

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