Transport Tycoon updated with new content

Origin8 and 31X just rolled out a massive update to their (now) popular Android simulation management game, Transport Tycon. Although the game had a rocky start, the developers managed to turn it around and fix nearly all the bugs present in the initial release.


The new update includes new content, new levels, scenarios and remixed version of the game’s original soundtrack. Players can now enjoy developing and growing their businesses on prolonged time periods in the brand new solo game mode, without worrying about the competition. Those are the main features the community asked for and the developers listened. Folks that already purchased the game can find this update live on both Google Play Store and Amazon, while new players can download their copy (link at the bottom) for $6.99.

Here is the full list of all the updates included in this patch.

The Original Soundtrack
A fully reworked and remixed soundtrack by John Broomhall, the creator of the PC game’s original music. Players will now be able to toggle between the classic soundtrack and The 2014 Sessions easily via the Options menu.

Ten New Solo Scenarios
Without AI competitor companies or time-sensitive goals, the new solo maps added to the game are designed to allow players to plan and grow their transportation network over decades or even centuries, without pressure from competing businesses.

Real World Scenarios (5)
o Five classic real-world maps including Great Britain and Ireland, North America (East, West and Midwest) and the Swiss Alps are now featured in the game as solo scenarios. Each map has a starting date in the early 20thcentury.

Expanded Environments (5)
o Adding a whole new dimension of gameplay, five brand new maps covering a variety of terrain and climate types have been built into the game. Arid Adventures, Beach Meets West, Climate Clash, Greener Pastures and Swiss Lowlands all have an open landscape allowing for maximum freedom and creativity when designing a transportation network and have a starting date of 1900.

New Achievements
Three all-new achievements are integrated in the game adding a layer of surprise and delight for players to discover.

The loading screen now displays tips for players, giving gameplay advice and pointing out helpful shortcuts and lesser-known features of the game.
In Transport Tycoon, players become entrepreneurs in control of a transport company, competing against rivals to make as much profit as possible by transporting passengers and various goods by road, rail, sea and air. To build an empire, players construct transportation routes consisting of stations near industries or towns, each often utilizing different methods of transportation such as trains, ships, airplanes, trucks and more. A number of factors determine a player’s success including efficiency at moving goods from one station to another and therefore earning higher ratings, picking up resources or passengers and delivering them to where there is demand, and time, distance and quantity of goods delivered.

Transport Tycoon
Transport Tycoon
Developer: 31X Ltd
Price: $6.99


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