Mobfish Hunter – unorthodox fishing or something else?

Appxplore announced the release of Mobfish Hunter, an endless action-fishing game where fishing rods are replaced with explosive mines, bombs, grenades and other deadly tools designed just for you. Don’t worry, those fish are actually mutants and they are evil. So…


The year is 2020 and the greedy Autocracy Government sucked the Earth dry from all the rare elements. This led to pollution so severe that all the creatures inhabiting the oceans mutated and became evil. They are now known as Mobfish and your job is to purge them from existence. You do this by launching your weapon directly into the water and trying to avoid any contact for as long as possible. The moment your projectile touches something, it transforms and starts heading upwards. This is where you try to “nail” the mutants and earn your salary.

Mobfish Hunter features 4 different “fishing” locations and bunch of weapons that can be fully upgraded from the in-app store. Additional utilities will help you dive deeper, faster or can even shed some light in the murky waters. The coins need for these upgrades can be collected while playing and are typically awarded after each successful cast. The amount you get depends solely on your performance. In case you want all the upgrades immediately, you can always buy more coins from the in-app store, or you can buy the permanent coin doubler to speed up your savings.

This fishing technique, while¬† highly inefficient (nets anyone), is utterly fun and can be addictive as long as you don’t overplay the game. And the thing is, you can’t. Mobfish Hunter incorporates the infamous “energy” system that forcefully limits the amount of time you spend inside. You only get 5 tries before you run out of energy and the only way to increase this number is to purchase the upgrade that gives you 3 additional charges for $2.0. Otherwise, Mobfish Hunter fully supports achievements, leaderboards and even Google cloud save, so playing across multiple devices is not a problem. You can download the game for free from the link below.




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Mobfish Hunter
Mobfish Hunter
Developer: Appxplore (iCandy)
Price: Free
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Game Features

– Four locales: Set in the Mobfish Hunter dystopia, each area includes its own species of Mobfish and challenging environmental hazards.
– Nine Crazy Weapons: Spend the loot awarded for successful fishing expeditions to upgrade a variety of Sea-Mine lures with spinning blades, spread-shot projectiles and heat-seeking abilities.
– Customizable Utilities: Plum the inky depths with four additional utilities that allow your Sea-Mine to dive deeper, move more quickly, and illuminate murky waters.
– Six Leaderboards: See where you rank among Mobfish Hunters locally, regionally and all over the world.
– 30 Achievements: Test your hunting skills and expand your collection of rare Mobfish, as you work to complete these rewarding challenges.
– Responsive Controls: Guide your Sea-Mine fishing lure through detailed maneuvers with sensitive tilt control, sneaking between schools of Mobfish or catching them by the dozens.
– Facebook Integration: Invite Facebook friends and compete for high scores.
– Compatibility: Save your game progress with Google Cloud Save, and track your Leaderboards and Achievements with Google Play Game Services.


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