New release – Touch of Death

Get ready to break some bones and burst some hearts while following the cheesy story in Touch of Death. The game involves vengeance, honor and precision killing. What more could you possibly want.

Your mentor friend dies in your arms and naturally, you decide to avenge his death by killing every single member of the opposing clan. What they don’t know is that you mastered the Touch of Death: Dim Mak, the five-touch-heart-explosion-technique.

In Touch of Death you will have to time your movement in order to hit the markers popping out, or mimic the displayed pattern the best you can. If done right, your opponent heart explodes. You will face 6 enemies in 7 different colors and try to beat your friends score on the leaderboards. The game is Tablet Exclusive, meaning support for most phones under 5.5″ has been dropped.

Touch of Death
Touch of Death
Developer: Sharkbomb Studios
Price: $1.99

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