Riptide GP 2 will hit the store next week

Hey Riptide fans, Vector Unit announced that Riptide GP 2 will be released on July 23 for Android devices, while iOS version will follow shortly after. The game brings in brand new multiplayer mode and 3rd party controller support while it promises full utilization of the new Google Play services.


The release date was announced on Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and among improved graphics, physics and controls, Riptide GP 2 will introduce a couple of new gameplay modes including Freestyle and Elimination.  The game won’t be Tegra 4 exclusive as previously speculated.

Another good news is that Riptide GP 2 will run on older Android devices as well. The minimum system requirements are 1 Ghz single core processor, 512 mb ram and Android 2.3. Of course you will have to lower the graphic settings, but even then the game should look decent.  In addition to $2.99 you will have to pay for the game, Vector Unit confirmed that there will be IAPs built-in from the launch, but it assures they will be purely optional.


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