Torchlight: Infinite global launch and new season

Torchlight: Infinite is finally getting out of the beta into the global launch on all three platforms, Android, iOS and PC. The launch date is scheduled for May 9th, also marking the arrival of new playable content and features, overhaul of the loot and crafting system and lots of tweaks “under the hood”. And that’s not all. The developers from XD are promising constant evolution and new milestones for the game.

What’s new?

Torchlight Infinite’s newest season features the introduction of Escapist Bing, a playable hero who brings an element of unpredictability and mischief to the RPG’s character selection. With a relentless barrage of bombs, Escapist Bing can easily bewilder and defeat opponents. Additionally, players of Thea can now access the Divine Realm Hero Trait, which provides even more avenues for playing as Torchlight’s enigmatic Oracle.

At the recent community livestream, new information was revealed about the “Cube of Rapacity,” an innovative gameplay element that brings an enticing risk-reward factor to Torchlight’s dungeon exploration. As players defeat the elusive Desire Incarnations, they may stumble upon enigmatic cubes containing Divinity Slates – scarce artifacts that interlock to form unique patterns. Assemble complete Divinity Slate sets to earn exciting rewards in the upcoming season, but be wary: the Cube of Rapacity has a tendency to punish those who succumb to greed.

New features

  • Crafting overhaul – This major rework will allow Hunters to start crafting gear sooner and upgrade more frequently with the new Prototype Production and Targeted Processing systems.
  • New “Guild” feature  Hunters can create and join guilds, communicating with friends and obtaining rewards from guild events.
  • Hero builds made easier – A rookie build recommendation feature will help new Hunters learn the mechanics of the game faster and to make it easier to put together powerful hero builds.
  • Higher damage limit – With a change to the number of digits in underlying calculations, the single-hit damage limit can now exceed 2.1 billion!
  • Pactspirit improvements – Save your favourite Pactspirit configurations and conveniently switch them on-the-fly.
  • Bragging rights –  After completing a stage, view your performance stats and share battle reports with other players.
  • Void Rifts – These will now appear on maps – enter a Void Rift to face intense battles and win big rewards.
  • New Trade House functionality – It is now possible to search for repeated affixes in the advanced search. The search conditions of advanced searches will also be retained after leaving the Trade House.
  • Steam Early Access – On May 9th Torchlight: Infinite will officially switch from Steam Early Access to the global launch version. It has also been further optimised for Steam Deck. 


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