The Grand Mafia – New Babe “Tsubaki Saito”

The Grand Mafia is a strategy game with a mafia theme, which is well-liked and can be played on iOS, Android, and PC. On April 21st, a new character named Tsubaki Saito will be introduced, coinciding with the limited-time “Love Quests” Babe event that runs from April 21st to April 25th. Fight, dominate and become the criminal mastermind who can take over the whole underworld.

New Babe “Tsubaki Saito”

Wearing an exquisite kimono adorned with floral patterns and a red camellia hairpin, she exudes a gentle smile while holding a glass of Japanese sake.

As the proprietor of an izakaya, she serves scrumptious cuisine that garners the admiration of satisfied customers. Nevertheless, the unexpected demise of her foster father leaves her feeling hollow inside. In due course, a man named John Vitale visits her establishment, and she unwittingly finds solace and joy in his company, prompting her decision to remain by his side.

The Grand Mafia – New Babe "Tsubaki Saito"

Also, a new outfit

Like always, surprise gifts will be prepared whenever a new Babe joins the game, and this time is no different! Throughout the event, Tsubaki Saito will assign a set of tasks daily, from which players can choose any four to complete and earn Love Keys.

By using Love Keys to unlock Adoration Boxes, players can receive plentiful rewards. Continuously opening these boxes and reaching a specific amount will unlock the new Dazzling Twilight Babe outfit.


The Grand Mafia is available on Android, iOS and even PC with their dedicated launcher. You can grab the game from the links below, or tap the APK link to side-load it yourself.

D.B. – “The Grand Mafia – New Babe “Tsubaki Saito”

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