Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG is in Open Beta

Publishers from Loongcheer Game announced that Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG is now available on the Android Play Store, in form of an early-access (or open beta) title. Unfortunately no one from Longcheer Game mentioned anything about an iOS release, or the final release date for version 1.0. Anyway, there is a trailer you can watch and a link to download it.

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About the game

Once upon a time, there was a goddess who guided people to live harmoniously on the mainland. However, their idyllic existence was short-lived as evil forces waged war against humanity, leaving the goddess exhausted and in a deep slumber. In response, mankind rose up to fight back and ultimately succeeded in sealing away the evil. The full story can be unlocked through gameplay in various chapters.

Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG Trailer

Fate Fantasy boasts a diverse PVE gameplay system with well-designed mechanics that balance difficulty and allow players to collect necessary props quickly. For instance, completing missions in Boss Challenge earns EXP for team growth, while Secret Realm of Trials offers time-limited gameplay to acquire materials for career advancement, and Sweep Dungeon grants Hero Shards for Rank up. Six gameplay systems can be unlocked.

In PVP gameplay, players can battle real opponents in Arena matches to raise their grade rankings, starting from Bronze, Silver, and Gold, then advancing to Platinum, Diamond, and ultimately, King. Players can also join a guild and participate in Guild Hunting, striving to surpass other superior players and claim the top spot in both Guild and Arena rankings.


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