That’s a Cow [Android Game]

While searching for new casual platform games on Android couple of days ago, this one caught my eye. That’s a Cow is an Android platformer by Crescent Moon Games released couple of months ago. It’s fun, short and doesn’t require insane amounts of space to install.

That’s a Cow, most definitely

So I was making the list of my recommendations couple of days ago, and google suggested That’s a Cow in one of the sections. I looked at the screenshots and took a quick note, not thinking too much about it. There were some coins, a cow and milk splatter all over the stage.

Later that day I had to install it before finalizing my “Top 5 Android Games for September 2022 (so far)” list since I have to at least try the games, right? Right.

Before I knew it, an hour has passed and I was there staring at my phone spraying milk on some dudes and unlocking new skins…

What is this Android game about?

No need to overthink how to precisely describe it, when there is no need to. You have a cow, a level that needs to be completed, some obstacles, some evil dudes and coins. Cows aren’t particularly fast animals, so you need to use your udder exactly like a jet engine with limited fuel. Lean back and slow down or lean front and blaze ahead. Very very simple, yet addictive.

After completing a level you get stars depending on your performance. After the bar fills up, you can take a shot at the claw machine and pull out a new skin.

That’s a Cow – Android Gameplay

Should you try it?

If you like casual games like Steppy Pants, then yes. The game is free, but it does have ads. Well, not for the first 10 minutes, but after that they start to pop-up usually after completing a level. There is also a banner on the lower half that I personally think it has no business being there. The pop-ups are enough to convince you to spend 2.99$ to remove them and get some other goodies too. You can also watch ads for a free claw machine try.

that's a cow
that's a cow
Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Price: Free

Ivica K. – “That’s a Cow [Android Game]”

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