Tekken Mobile Global Launch

Tekken Mobile is finally here. Following the amazing amount of 1,700,000 pre-registrations, BANDAI NAMCO today announced that their first mobile game from the Tekken franchise is now available worldwide. And yes, launch rewards are here too.


Tekken Mobile on Android


As everyone already knows, Tekken Mobile is not a direct port from the other systems. The mobile version of the game has simplified touch controls, unlockable and upgradable fighters and moves, quests and cards. So yeah, completely different, but still good. There is an exclusive character named RODEO that will only appear in the mobile version for now.



As promised, the launch of Tekken Mobile is accompanied by a series of events that will provide the players with in-game items and bonuses. Weekly packs will be redeemable on the following dates:


March 1st: 2 Stars RODEO, 1 Revive Lvl 4, 1 Health Lvl 4, 1 Team Health Lvl 4, 1 XP booster
March 8th: Random 2 Stars character, 1 Revive Lvl 3, 1 Health Lvl 3, 1 Team Health Lvl 3, 1 XP booster
March 15th: Random 1 Star character, 1 Revive Lvl 2, 1 Health Lvl 2, 1 Team Health Lvl 2, 1 XP booster
March 22nd: 10,000 coins, 100 gems

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The game can be downloaded from the link below as long as you have an Android device running Lollipop 5.0, 2 Gb of memory and CPU in the same class as Samsung Exynos 8890/ Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or higher.


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